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Location: San Felice,( LT) Italy
Type: Residential area
Units: 8 units  
Committee Private
Project Date:     2012

Architectural  design: 


Request for a building permit: 

Geometra Angelo Leggieri
Engineering: Ingegnere Remo Laurett, Ingegnere Giuseppe Masci
Project site area:  4160.0   sqm 
Buildings total volume:  4,000 m3
Building phaze data:       Unknown


Two industrial buildings was replaced by 8 units residential villas, the same existing volume was recovered plus 30% of more volume regarding to the new administrative regulations as a benefits for building in  class A housing category  which means a construction of Sustainable Housing to reduce energy consumption and ensure a healthy & comfortable living, it includes various technologies produce a renewable energy for air-cooling system, electricity, heat, the installation of geothermal system and the use of a good thermal insulation in exterior walls ecc.