D e o n s t u d i o was founded in 2004 by Giulio Renzi, Michele Antonelli and Hanna Manassa. Throughout their rigorous studies at the University of Rome’s school of architecture, “Valle Giulia,” the three highly motivated and enthusiastic students mastered their architectural design expertise through the guidance and instruction of the knowledgeable Professor Vincenzo Giuseppe Berti and his assistant, Roberto Ianigro (Medir Architetti). With now four locations including offices in Rome, Milan, Vicenza and, since January 2012, within the province of Latina, Deonstudio increasingly structures itself as a multidisciplinary platform, continuously aiming to establish an overlap between the theory and practice of architecture. The studio’s interests include a broad spectrum of projects ranging from interior architecture to the design of private and public buildings. Overall, the works of the greatly skilled architects explicitly deal with that of contemporary urban design like. The design and constructions are seen as an open field of variable experimentation, developed in parallel through repeated dynamic verification amongst theme and program. The architecture is designed using a method of independence, in which programmatic and topological diagram is constantly updated. Deonstudio participates in various competitions of architecture and design on both a national and international level and has been granted acknowledgement through awards and Recognitions


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Sede Milano
Arch. Giulio Renzi

Via Arrigo Boito 14, 20017 Rho Milano | Mobile | +39 3280712248  | milano@deonstudio.com | giuliorenzi@deonstudio.com

Sede Roma
Arch. Michele Antonelli Camposarcuno
Arch. Veronica della Ragione

Via Costantino Beltrami 8A, 00154 Roma | Mobile | +39 3284596090 | roma@deonstudio.com

| micheleantonelli@deonstudio.com | veronicadellaragione@deonstudio.com

Sede Vicenza
Arch. Hanna Manassa

P.zza Casanostra 1, 36100 Vicenza | Mobile | +39 3385881225 | hannamanassa@deonstudio.com